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In 2016, the extended Walker family celebrated their Parent’s 60th Wedding Anniversary in Kaanapali and Sheila decided to move to Maui permanently. Sheila maintains a design studio in her cottage and is an avid gardener. She is a prolific reader (mostly current events and international affairs), she’s a world traveler (all 50 states and over 10 countries) and in her spare time, she is a creator on Instagram. Sheila is a loving caretaker of two adorable fur babies and she enjoys time at the beach. In 2018, Sheila recovered from a 2 year battle with Lyme disease that almost claimed her life. She credits her strong belief in God for her healing and is grateful to have more years to be of service to others.


I will always put

the people of



Build "Up-Country" Connector Road

Religious Freedom

Voter ID Required 

Finish West Side Bypass

Stop Endless Wars 

Parental Rights – School Choice

No Vax Pass or Mandates

Outlaw Glyphosate Use

 West Side Hospital

Term Limits for Politicians

End Human Trafficking

Resolve Homelessness

1st & 2nd Amendments

US Constitution & Flag

Hawaii Constitution

Support the Police

Limit 5G Towers

Reduce Our State Taxes

Support Small Business

No Critical Race Theory in Schools

Maui First – Hawaii First

Preserve Native Hawaiian Culture


Meet Sheila

Sheila Walker, a 2022 Republican Candidate for Hawaii State Senate District 6, is a Maui First, Common Sense Conservative. Passionate about bringing Prosperity and Aloha back to the island and people of Maui, Sheila is well known for taking a bold stance against the lockdowns during the pandemic. With her signature long silver hair and “kick ‘em where it counts” cowboy boots, she stood up for her community and led a RECALL effort against Maui’s Mayor in the face of unlawfully enforced mandates. She’s not afraid to do the right thing because she understands the universal meaning of Pono! When the Government is overreaching, Sheila Walker takes ACTION!


Sheila is running for Treasurer of the State Republican Party of Hawai'i. Learn more about how Sheila will help our state in this video.

My Priority Action Items


  • Bring Emergency HOSPITAL Services to the West Side (abolish the "certificate of need")

  • Finish the BYPASS (without raising taxes)

  • Provide Waikapu with a FIRE STATION (using the Napili model)

  • Resolve FLOODING in Kihei (using permaculture techniques)

  • Improve EDUCATION (School Choice, Parental Rights and no CRT)

  • ATTAINABLE HOUSING (using proven real estate strategies)

  • Reduce HOMELESSNESS (provide mental health services and safe spaces)

  • Relieve HEAVY TRAFFIC (by proposing more connector roads and creating fire exits)

  • Revive SMALL BUSINESS (reduce permits, fines, red tape, increase promotions

and provide interest free working capital)


I WILL NOT SUPPORT another LOCKDOWN of our economy and

I WILL ALWAYS put the people of "MAUI FIRST" 

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